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 80s -90s – 2000s

A great way to impress you guests is to add celebrity impersonators to your event.  What better way to create new memories and reminisce about years gone by….. ?  In the words of MJ, Eh Hee!

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A Bright Ideas Video from Day Entertainment featuring Voice Play

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Go with Melody as she chats with VoicePlay during sound check and in the green room!

Original. Imaginative. Ridiculous. Origimagidiculous.

Though the name has changed, the sound remains ever as magical. Based in Orlando, FL, VoicePlay (formerly 42Five) performs their own incredible brand of entertainment across the country and around the world. What began quite literally as a street corner barbershop act has now evolved into an internationally acclaimed touring sensation.

VoicePlay is unlike any theatrical experience available today, recreating the orchestrated sound of an entire musical production with nothing but the the human voice.

The cast of VoicePlay has taken the timeless sound of vocal music and turned it completely on it’s head. Re-imagined as a full stage show, amazing, humorous, and vertigo-inducing harmonies pepper VoicePlay’s music-without-music sound as it ping-pongs between eras and styles, channeling the breadth of the musical landscape and lacing it with inventive and often hilarious on-stage theatrics.

Fit for all ages, VoicePlay’s recordings and concerts are an impossible to miss hit which have to be heard to be believed.

Bright Idea with Captain Jack

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We received a wonderful email this morning from a very happy client!  It makes us feel all warm inside!


I just want to let you know how extremely impressed I was with your “Captain Jack.”  He was, of course, a very talented performer, but he also impressed me with the way he went above and beyond the call of duty.  He interacted with our guests, was very pleasant, and made sure that he made himself available to all who wanted photographs.  My experience with this performer will make certain that I call you when other needs arise.  Thank you, and Captain Jack, for making our prom a huge success.


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