Another Happy Client

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Another Happy Client!


Thank you so much! The Jazz Group was incredible!!!! They did an awesome job and they especially made my night go so smooth.

They were on time, more than willing to help making announcements and the talent was “WOW”. Can’t wait to utilize your services again!!!!

Thank you!!!

Hilda Fraticelli

Kennedy Space Center

IMG_7432Strat Jazz Quartet

Another Bright Idea From Day Entertainment

February 22, 2013 No comments yet

Another Bright Idea From Day Entertainment

On site with Melody & the Atlantic City Boys

“Oh, What a Night”, remember when “Sherry Baby” walked into the room and I told her “I Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You”? And she replied “Who Loves You Pretty Baby” and I turned around and “Walked Like a Man” arm in arm with her as her eyes filled with tears of joy and then I told her shhh, “Big Girls Don’t Cry”!

Holiday Blog 1

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