“Lisa really connects with her audience. Her message and delivery were on target, kept everyone’s attention, and motivated the participants to take immediate action. Lisa’s spirit is fresh and places everyone at ease, I look forward to her next presentation!”

Deanna Snyder -Event Manager, Healthy Woman Conferences & Events

“ . . . I want to let you know your presentation was great! You captivated the audience with your comments and experiences and I would have loved it if my managers could have heard you. I truly believe you have the ability to make managers think outside of the box to create a healthy workplace environment.”

Reba McLagan -Human Resources Manager, Performance Designs, Inc.

“Lisa is a very captivating speaker and knows exactly how to present information with clarity. . . I highly recommend Lisa to anyone who wants to invest in their professional development.”

Jessica Morales -Director of Transition Services, Valencia Community College


 As the “Go Green” movement has gained momentum, the interest in organic foods has also grown.  Many people are overwhelmed by the choices and information available on organic foods and products.  This 60-minute class is filled with helpful information that simplifies the steps one needs to take towards organic living.  Topics, such as the benefits of eating chemical free food and which foods are the safest or most contaminated, are explored and outlined in an interesting but easy to understand format.  Guests will learn about “The Dirty Dozen” foods to avoid, how to start buying organically, and which changes to make first for the most benefit.

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