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The Caribbean Crew is well known for their high-energy and interactive performances. While on stage, the Crew teaches different Caribbean dances to the crowd, as well as many other “follow-me” routines. The Crew works very well with both children & adults, and gets them involved through different activities such as hula-hoop contests, limbo contests and conga lines.

The Caribbean Crew offers a wide variety of original and cover music, from traditional reggae and calypso, to modern day soca and dancehall. They also perform many Top 40 hits, as well as Jimmy Buffet selections. The Caribbean Crew can be a two-piece, three-piece or four-piece act. It all depends on the size of the event and the available budget.


Tim & The Dudes offer a fresh take on the standard corporate entertainment band concept. This hand-selected group of professional musicians and performers of the highest caliber are able to entertain groups of all sizes effortlessly or happily blend into the ambience of a perfectly planned business networking event. Specializing in acoustic-style musical entertainment, Tim & The Dudes are anything but forgettable. They bring expert energy to mellow melodies and controlled experience to a crowd that is ready to get a little livelier. No matter the size of the room, the purpose of the occasion or the number of people at the party; Tim & The Dudes will really tie the event together.



Coco Loco specializes in the Floribbean sound. The band mixes the sound of the Caribbean with elements of American Pop to create a blend of rhythm and harmony that is both exotic and familiar. The group’s instrumentation consists of Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboards, Latin Percussion and Steel Drums.

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